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Legendary police detective Charlie Chan has solved mysteries in all forms of media -- including a syndicated comic strip by cartoonist Alfred Andriola which appeared in newspapers from 1938-1942.

Playwright and novelist Earl Derr Biggers created the Chinese-American detective for his 1925 novel The House Without a Key. A healthy alternative to Asian stereotypes in fiction of the era, the character proved so popular he soon dominated the media -- in addition to the six novels by Biggers, Charlie Chan has also appeared in some four dozen films, plus radio programs, television series, and a number of comics.

The classic comic strips have been archived at fan site The Charlie Chan Family Home: "Although our collection of original Charlie Chan Sunday Comics is extensive and continues to inch toward completeness when possible, there are occasional "holes," sometimes several in succession, that are filled with reproductions. When this becomes necessary, this fact is noted following that comic's original release date."

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By the way, following the cancellation of Charlie Chan, cartoonist Andriola went on to create Kerry Drake in 1943. The series won a Reuben Award in 1970, and continued all the way until the creator's death in 1983.

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