Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The long-running serial drama Judge Parker was created in 1952 by psychiatrist Dr. Nicholas P. Dallis -- also the father of successful "soap-opera" comic strips Rex Morgan, M.D. and Apartment 3-G. Chronicling the lives of Judge Alan Parker, attorney Sam Driver, and Abbey Spencer, Judge Parker has captivated readers in 175 newspapers with true-to-life story lines, drama and suspense.

Writing under the pen name "Paul Nichols," Dallis partnered first with artist Dan Heilman, then Harold LeDoux. When Dallis retired in 1990, he handed the script-writing for Judge Parker and Rex Morgan over to assistant Woody Wilson, who continues to write both series today. In 2006 Eduardo Barretto took over art duties, until just this past month when a "grave illness" forced him to pass the pencil on to new artist Mike Manley. (COMIC RIFFS: 'Judge Parker' names Mike Manley as strip's new artist)

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