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Following his success with soap-opera comic strips Rex Morgan, M.D. (1948) and Judge Parker (1952), psychiatrist and writer Dr. Nicholas P. Dallis turned his attention in 1961 to the phenomenon of working women. As such, he created with artist Alex Kotzky the residents of Apartment 3-G, three career women making their place in Manhattan. The three stars of the comic strip -- brunette Margo Magee, an event planner; redhead Abigail "Tommie" Thompson, a nurse; and blonde Lu Ann Powers née Wright, a widowed art teacher  -- are said to have been originally based loosely on Joan Collins, Lucille Ball, and Tuesday Weld.

"Apartment 3-G is one of the few strips that has not fallen behind the times," notes distributor King Features Syndicate. "Rather, the world has sped to catch up with it. More contemporary than ever, the strip speaks directly to the new generation of women who try to juggle careers, men and friendship."

Today Apartment 3-G is written by Margaret Shulock and drawn by Frank Bolle.

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  1. Well, it may not have fallen behind the times in ideas, but it certainly has in clothing! But maybe now that's going to change, since the three women are going to be on a TV makeover reality show.


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