Saturday, January 16, 2010


Among the titles announced for Free Comic Book Day 2010: FRACTURED FABLES (Image Comics):
This special FCBD edition offers a small taste of the new hardcover anthology from Silverline Books due later in the year. An all-star cast of writers and artists (including Doug TenNapel, Ted McKeever, and Mike Allred) have been assembled to turn familiar fairy tales and nursery rhymes on their ear to make kids LAUGH! These humorous interpretations will delight any reader, regardless of their age! 36pgs, Full Color -- FREE!
Organized each year as an outreach to new readers, Free Comic Book Day sees North American publishers handing out sample issues of their line for potential new readers and dedicated fans. The comics offered range from classic adventure and supernatural Western to all-ages humor and superhero action.

FCBD 2010 is May 1. Check with your local shop for participation and rules. CLICK HERE TO FIND A COMIC BOOK STORE NEAR YOU.

Image Comics Online: The First One's Free!
FCBD 2010: Doctor Solar/Magnus
Free Comic Book Day 2010: Classic Comic Strip Action and Adventure

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