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Created by cartoonist Chester Gould in the 1930s, the long-running comic strip Dick Tracy stars a hard-hitting, fast-shooting, quick-thinking police detective who matches wits with the bad guys. Over the years, Gould created a series of memorable villains (including B.B. Eyes, Flattop, and Pruneface) and introduced such innovations to crime-fighting technology as the two-way wrist TV and closed circuit TV police line-up.

Following Gould's retirement in 1977, the comic strip has been handled by a variety of creators. Today, Dick Tracy is illustrated by longtime writer/artist Dick Locher, assisted by writer Jim Brozman. They keep the tradition alive as Tracy goes after computer pirates, polluters, skyjackers, and terrorists.

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The complete strip is being reprinted from the beginning in hardcover editions by IDW Publishing.

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