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Writer/artist K.J. Kolka created high-flying superhero The Cardinal for his college newspaper in 1978. He revived the series in 1990 and has been creating it off-and-on ever since -- including stories in newsprint, comics, and online. Kolka describes the comic strip on
"The Cardinal" is the story of a group of people living in a fictitious university town whose lives are touched by an ordinary young man who believes he has been called to be a super hero. Some think he's crazy. Some think he's even dangerous. Maybe his heart is just too big for his head. Regardless of these, his vision will definitely impact his community.

My goal in this is NOT to just create another super hero strip. Rather, I hope to make this into somewhat of a hybrid strip. Yes, there will be action, danger and suspense, but also humor, tragedy and a sense of wonder and awe about life. My hope is that these stories will not just quicken your pulse, but also touch your heart.
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